How to Order a Direct Container

You have the option of ordering containers from our partners in either Vietnam or China. While you can consolidate factories and products within a country, products cannot be consolidated between China and Vietnam. You have the option of purchasing a 20’, 40’ or 45’ container, as well as the option to purchase multiple containers in a single order.

What products can I order?

In Vietnam, you have a choice of two sources: (Emerald) lightweight planters and fountains (Lite) or (Canary) glazed and terra cotta planters, fountains, and garden accessories.

If you decide to consolidate products from Vietnamese suppliers, you must purchase a minimum of $5,000 from each supplier.

In China, you have a choice of three sources (Blue, Orange and Indigo), which offer glazed and terra cotta planters, fountains, and garden accessories.

If you decide to consolidate products from Chinese suppliers, you must purchase a minimum of $5,000 from each supplier you choose. For example, if you decide to consolidate products from Blue and Orange, a minimum of $5,000 of product is required to be purchased from each.

How many of each item do I have to order?

The minimum order quantity (MOQ) for each item is the default quantity listed on the item’s page. All MOQs represent either a single or multiple pallet layer depending on the item’s size. Orders for any item must be made in layer increments, which could be different than the MOQ. For example, if the MOQ is (8), but the layer quantity is (4), and you wish to order more than (8), you can place an order for (12), and are not required to order (16).

Note: Minimum order quantities for special order items are higher than stock items. MOQs are color specific. Quantities cannot be divided among different colors if an item is available in multiple colors.

How will I know when my order is complete?

There is a black progress bar at the top of the shopping cart which will track your progress as you build your container. The bar will fill as you place orders for individual items and will show your progress as you reach a 20’ (the middle of the bar), a 40’, or more (the end of the bar). Note: you will not be able to check out unless you have filled at least 20’ of container space. Once you have met or exceeded the 20’ container limit and proceed to check out, your order will be processed by Campania and submitted to the supplier(s) to obtain a loading plan. You will then be contacted by Campania and advised that you can add additional pallets or subtract pallets to fit the container(s).

When will my container arrive?

Once your container loading is finalized an estimated arrival date will be provided to you. In addition, you will also receive an estimated freight quote for review and approval before the order is placed with the supplier. Note: in order to secure your estimated arrival date, final approval must be received within 1 week of receipt of retail sheet, which will include all items on the container and the estimated freight quote.

What will my freight cost be?

As previously noted, you will receive an estimated freight quote prior to order approval.

You also have the option to arrange your own freight. If you decide to do so, ownership of the products will begin upon delivery to the shipper at port of origin. All applicable costs for shipment, including but not limited to, freight, import duties, insurance, and customs examination (if required) will be your responsibility.  

Regardless of who arranges the freight, please note you assume the risk of breakage up to 3% of the value of products shipped.  

Can Campania label/price my products?

Campania offers you the option of having all items labeled with your retail price. The labels will include not only your price, but also your name/logo. You will receive a retail sheet prior to order approval, detailing your estimated landed cost for each item. You can use this document to provide custom pricing for each item or use a standard formula. Note: The retail pricing must be received by Campania approximately one month prior to loading of your container in order to have enough time to label the products.

Will/can my order change after approval?

Once you have approved your order, it is considered final, and changes cannot be made as production will begin immediately.

In certain cases, products may be unavailable at the time that the container is scheduled to ship. In such instances, you may be required to select substitute items to fill the container space to keep the initial ship date, or you can delay the container. If this should occur, which is rare, you will be contacted by Campania to select the substitute items.

What should I expect for delivery?

Once the container arrives at the destination port in the US, it will be available for pick up in approximately 1-3 days. Once available, you will be contacted by a trucking company to schedule a delivery appointment.

To receive the container you will need either a loading dock, or a forklift and pallet jack. Note: Your order will deliver directly from the port or railyard in the ocean container it arrives in, so there will be no liftgate or pallet jack inclusive delivery available.  

When will I receive my final invoice?

Final invoice will be provided once all associated invoices are received by Campania. This typically occurs within a week after final delivery, although Campania will make every effort to provide as soon as possible.

Campania offers various programs for its direct container customers. Eligible customers can receive 6/20 terms depending upon when the container order is placed with no required deposit upon placement of the order. Please note that for participation in this program, 6/20 payment must be made by check. Other customers who are not eligible for 6/20 terms will be required to make a deposit of 1/3 of the estimated cost at the time of order approval, an additional 1/3 of the estimated cost when the container ships, and final payment after invoice is issued.  

Still have questions?

Contact your Sales Representative.