Daralis Fountain || Riviera Blue
Daralis Fountain || Riviera Blue
Daralis Fountain || Riviera Blue
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Daralis Fountain || Riviera Blue
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Daralis Fountain

Product Code: 144529-1901
Availability: In Stock. (Typically ships within 3 weeks of order placement.)
Material: Glazed
Set Quantity:
46 lbs
Photographed In: Riviera Blue

Product Specifications

Material: Glazed
Total Weight: 46 lbs
Weight With Water: 60 lbs
Water Volume: 1.5 Gallons

Product Details

UPC: 615973539725
Indoor Use Only: No
Assembly Required: Yes
Ease of Assembly: Very easy assembly
Splash Level: Little to minimal splash
Sound Level: Can be heard at distance; drowned out by moderate traffic
Sound Type: echo
Replacement Pump Kit: FTPK-144529
Electrical Cord Length: 6 FT
Pump Size: 140 GPH
Ship Method: Small Parcel
Base Dimensions: 9" W
inside top: 10.25" W
inside bottom: 10.5" W
inside height: 16.5" H
catalog page: 131
size: 14.5" W x 18" H

Product Care and Downloadable Content