A Letter to Friends and Customers

Dear Friends and Customers:

Fantastic! Excellent! Strong! Good! Busy! Crazy (in a good way)! If these are the words you used to describe your Spring business, you have had the same experience as the majority of our customers.  While there are notable exceptions (the California drought) where weather has played a negative role in Spring sales, good weather and a more robust economy created a terrific Spring for our customers. We thank you for making Campania an integral part of your success.

Building on this year’s positive trends, many of you will ask us how to be more successful with Campania products next season. This is a common trait of our best customers - the continual search for ways to improve and grow their business. We believe the answer lies in three key areas: preparation, assortment, and attention.

First, preparation: Customers who prepare for the season are successful. Preparing proper display areas, budgets, and a product mix targeted to your specific customer base is critical. Additionally, preparing by developing a greater knowledge of your customers and of the products you sell is essential. Customers who train staff, who understand how a product is made, how it should be used, how it should be displayed, how it should be cared for, and know what is available both on the floor and in the catalog are successful with Campania products. Knowledge is power.

Second, assortment: Customers who select a strong assortment and display it well are successful. Every garden center is unique. Every part of the country is different geographically and demographically.  Targeting your product mix to your customer is essential. Find the right color mix for your area. Find the right price points, style and sizes for your customer base. Keep the assortment and displays fresh. Stock containers in pairs, plant a few for display and always show some fountains running.

Third, attention: Customers who are attentive to the category are successful. Building on preparation through knowledge and training and a strong assortment of products, the customers who continually refresh and rework displays, reorder products in season, keep fountains and birdbaths clean, and most critically fill the demands of their customers through special ordering from Campania achieve success in our category.

One of the most fundamental reasons for success in our category is an exciting selection of products. To that end, we are pleased to present our new 2015-2016 full catalog, which features over 230 new products and 1,500 current items. Imagine the homes and businesses that are in your area. Look at the different designs, materials, and sizes and attempt to mentally place product on these properties.  Making the effort to learn what Campania offers will reward you with increased sales and satisfied customers.  Remember: knowledge is power.

As your customers ask for items, you will be able to confidently go to the Campania catalog and show them a great solution. This is why we offer the widest assortment of garden accents in the industry. Either by use (planters, fountains, bird baths, benches, tables, accent pieces), by style (contemporary, classic, whimsical), or by material (cast stone, glazed ceramics, terra cotta, iron, alternative lightweight materials), we have a solution for you and your customer.

Our 2015-2016 new product selection offers a wide assortment that matches this same core belief. For example, in size we have developed new, easy to run, small garden terrace fountains as well as large, 8 foot estate fountains. In cast stone designs, we have expanded the selection of our popular “trompe l’oeil” planters. We have replicated apple picking baskets, a wooden wine barrels, antique French “vendange” crates and even an antique iron kettle. The texture and look of these pieces are breathtaking.

As always our cast stone designs include new whimsical statuary:  a yoga cat, a yoga dog, a series of vocational frogs, and more to make your customers smile as they add some fun to their garden.

In our imported glazed ceramics, we have continued to develop new colors and designs. This year, we are introducing 14 new glazed ceramic colors from lustrous greens and whites to a shimmering “galaxy” black. These colors, combined with our current offerings, will help you target fast moving residential and commercial color trends. On top of this, we broadened our range of Angkor glazes. The retail success of these glazes prove your customers will pay for great design and outstanding quality.

On the business front, we have improved our sales programs to enable us to continue to meet our business goals of outstanding designs, superior customer service, and showroom quality. Soon, our sales representative will be reaching out to you not only to explain our new sales programs and new products, but to help you create the best order for success with Campania.

We look forward to sharing a successful fall 2015 and spring 2016 with you. We are also looking forward to visiting with many of you here at Campania and in our travels.

Again, thank you!

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